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We know how important health is to you and your family. That’s why the Blood Lab specialises in intensive blood tests, urine tests, stool tests and swab tests to determine the precise situation of the individual's health.  Our labs work all around the clock to help doctors, patients and concerned parents gain a better picture of the person’s health condition.

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Your safety and comfort is our priority! Our top lab technicians help you gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening inside the body to identify the cause.
Blood tests

Blood tests

Blood tests help evaluate organ functions (kidneys, liver, thyroid and heart); diagnose cancer, HIV, diabetes and more.
Urine tests

Urine tests

We check for infections such as UTI, STIs, and healthy kidney functions and evaluate glucose & protein levels, bacteria and white blood cells count.
Stool tests

Stool tests

Stool (faeces) analysis help diagnose infections (from parasite, viruses and bacteria), nutrients absorption and catch early signs of cancer.
Swab tests
Swab tests

Swab tests

Allergies, Nasal, Vaginal, Penile and more. We test for infections, diseases and conditions directly from the source of the problem.
My blood test was painless. Result was fast and people in blood lab are professional and really nice. Highly recommended!
Anna Jakubowska
I had a blood test done here and it was the most painless blood test in my life. This is by far the most professional and nice people I have ever been to. Definitely recommend!
Katarzyna Biber
Very friendly fast and excellent blood taking. I would highly recommend
Christian KS

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